Technical features

Max thermal power 11 Kw
Thermal power min 3.0 Kw
Overall efficiency 90.80 %
Fuel tank capacity 16 kg
Hourly pellet consumption min / max 0.70 / 2.00 Kg / h
Heatable 220 mc
Electric absorbed power 300 watts
Power input in work 70 watts
Weight 85 Kg
Rated voltage 220 V
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Remote control
Dimensions : width, depth , 99x22x95 cm

For a fee:
PLUS version with modular electronics
aesthetic customization with film
Coloration choice out of standard
( Only for PLUS ) flow meter air flow
GSM module
You can also extend your two-year warranty by a further one.

Available colours

  • White
  • Bordeaux
  • Black